Reflect on Your Leadership

Through this program you will remind yourself about elements of your personality that contribute directly to your leadership style. You will identify aspects of your character that you always knew were part of how you lead but that you may never have seen in print before.

Through it all, you will collect this information in a way that you can then share with work colleagues, volunteer board members, or family to help them understand you at a deeper level.

Informative Interview

Grounded Leadership

Everyone who works with you or spends time with you can benefit from understanding what kind of a leader you are.

Whether you are a CEO, a graduating student, a person in mid-career, or someone who has been thrust into a leadership role, there is benefit for you and those around you in understanding what lies ahead in the following modules.

Through this program, you will:

  • Understand the elements that make up Grounded Leadership

  • Clarify your Grounded Leadership Profile

  • Be better able to develop and mentor other leaders

  • Refine your leadership profile by sharing it with others who know and work with you

  • Create the context for more meaningful teamwork and collaboration