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Welcome to the CGLCC Family

The Xennex family is happy to announce we are officially a Canadian Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce Certified Supplier! 

Established in 2003, the CGLCC is a trusted partner linking LGBT+ businesses in Canada to the wider business community. It fosters economic growth by supporting and nurturing LGBT+ businesses, entrepreneurs, students and allies, and by helping Canada’s corporate world connect with the LGBT+ business community.

A leader in supplier diversity, it is also the certifying body in Canada for LGBT+ businesses.

About Us

Clear Purpose. Clear Direction.

Strategy. Leadership. Teamwork.

All need to be synchronized for you and your organization to achieve your goals. Where are you taking your company? What will you do in the next three months to get there? Is your team aligned with you? How will you realize your vision together?

Xennex helps you to answer these questions and more.

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Clarify Your Strategy

Your whole team is asking, What’s the plan? How will we survive? We the company or organization last through the pandemic? You and your senior team need to be clear on the plan for the future. If that plan is to survive Covid-19, then map that out. Xennex can help you think through the short, medium and long-term implications of the pandemic for your team, your business and your future.

Taking Care of Your Team

More than ever, Covid-19 has focused leaders on taking care of their teams. it’s an even greater challenge to assess how well individuals on your team are faring while so many are working remotely. Xennex can help you assess team dynamics, take a monthly or weekly pulse of how each team member is feeling, provide you with an aggregated snapshot and recommend steps for improving team health.

Reflect on Your Leadership

In times of crisis, we learn more ourselves. Xennex can work with you to process the leadership lessons you are learning and to help you get to the other side of the pandemic a more resilient, confident and focused leader.

In a team setting, one-on-one format or self-guided approach, our Grounded Leadership Program will crystallize who you are as leader – for yourself and for your team.


Here to Help

If Strategy, Leadership or Teamwork issues are on your mind, reach out. We’d love to help.

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